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Human Design

If your story and thoughts set the tone and vibration of what you attract, then you can consciously change the narrative.

Human Design gives a broad picture and story of who you are, why you are here, and what it looks like when you are out of balance or alignment. There are opportunities for mastery, healing, and inner work to tap into what you specifically need to live authentically.

Astrology Packages

Coming Soon!

Offering exclusive 12-week astrology immersion packages that take a deep dive into your cosmic mission. This is about honoring where you are and initiating a process of growth, awareness, and behind the scenes healing.


Lunar Series

Decode Your Lunar Symbolism

Ready to shine and share your brilliance? This immersion series is to get crystal clear on your divine path and purpose. When you’re dialed into your lunar energies, you are navigating your life with ease. You’re in sync with your inner compass, following your true north, and easily able to adapt to the changing tides. Yet, an out-of-sync Moon will not be able to manifest at its highest potential or release karmic patterns to step into the life you dream. Let’s address any unfinished business,  re-write your personal narrative, and align your lunar vibes.

Baby Astrology


Baby + Child Astrology

Spiritually Conscious Parenting

The struggle is real! Today’s parental roles and family dynamics are cluttered with career, life, and responsibilities. Yet, what if you could parent and live in a higher frequency that is in alignment with you and your child’s highest good? What if you were born to be their greatest spiritual teacher?