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I’m Danielle, an astrology geek, toddler mom, writer, avid stargazer, and an eternal optimist. I believe in mindfulness, gratitude, and living a spiritually conscious life. I am here to help you achieve your heart’s desires, access your soul’s talents, and live an authentic life.

I take the complication out of astrology and deliver you reliable and consistent interpretations to assist you in making healthy decisions, owning your voice, connecting with your talents, and discovering the timing for real-life situations.

I help answer your burning questions

You are here for a reason, so let’s dive into bringing YOU – the authentic, genuine, soulful woman out into the world so you can maximize your true potential.

Astrology Reading


Ready to align with your cosmic cycles, dial into your talents, and boost your frequency to attract your heart's desires?

Here's how I CAN HELP YOU

If you want to go beyond your Sun Sign, this will connect the dots, and deliver feedback quicker than any horoscope, app, or Instagram feed.

Human Design

Identify your conditioning and how to shift your energy to align with your life and soul’s calling. You can re-write your life’s story.

Lunar Series

This ongoing immersion series is to get crystal clear on your path and purpose. Leverage your lunar cycles to harness and anchor into your soul gifts.

Kind Words From My Clients

  • I make a point to visit Astrology Lifestyle to see what’s written in the stars. My thirst for knowledge is always quenched by reading insightful and thought-provoking interpretations. I feel magically transported by each post.

    – Melissa
  • I sensed her amazing energy, we were both pregnant at the time, and even before we were told the sex of our babies she already knew. She read my chart and everything made sense, her reading was right on in everything. I’m so grateful for her and trust her intuition as she has rarely ever been wrong.

    – Paula, MS
  • She is very personable, kind, and gentle with you, especially if it is your first time having a reading. She will make you feel at ease around her or over the phone. Her gifts, skills, and talents for doing readings are absolutely amazing and you see it each time you meet with her. She will take the time to listen and answer your questions.

    – Karen
  • She comes across as professional, fun, and not intimidating at all. Within 24 hours, she created a diagram for me of all the positions of the different planets. That alone was enough to indicate to me that she is serious, passionate, and prepared for the magic she does. Prior to speaking with her, I knew nothing of astrology.

    – Natalie, Anxious Love Coach
  • “She always has a beautiful smile and can make anyone feel at ease. I look forward to continuing to work with her and I know that her message comes from a place that is pure and of good intent.”

    – Sandy
  • As an astrologer with exceptional psychic ability, Danielle uses a blend of knowledge of astrology with her intuitive connections to bring you a reading like none other. She depicts the aspects of your chart based on her knowledge of astrology and uses her connection with universal energies to delve deep into your birth and life path. If you want an accurate picture to know what is happening now and in your future contact Danielle.

    Sharon, Journeys with Sharon
  • As a kid growing with a fascination with the stars, it wasn’t until I was in my twenties that I learned there was so much more to astrology than one’s sun sign. Just googling wasn’t cutting it, when I was dying to gather more information. My mother had suggested that I get a birth chart reading and put me in contact with Danielle. Right away, I felt comfortable and at ease talking to her. I felt like I learned a lot about myself and continue to learn from her with each reading. She radiates positivity and clearly cares about your happiness! 

  • It was clear to me that Danielle put a lot of time and energy into my reading before we met up. There is a lot of leg work to do to get all the information that she does! My reading was eerily correct and gave me lots of ways to move forward in my life with several issues. I appreciate that there was information about how to move forward, rather than a reading that tells me vague things about my personality. That isn’t super helpful. This reading gave me direction such as times to lay low, and times that my work will be especially effective. She also helped with a traumatic family event and was so kind and thoughtful about how she discussed it and looking forward, how to avoid a recurrence. Overall it was very worthwhile and gave me a lot of peace of mind!

    Valerie, MA, CCC-SLP
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  • Astrology Lifestyle testimonial
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  • Astrology Lifestyle - Testimonial
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  • Astrology Lifestyle - Testimonial
  • Astrology Lifestyle Testimonial
  • Astrology Lifestyle - Testimonial

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