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If you are truly ready to shift, let go of the past, and honor your soul’s mission then let’s chat. You don’t want to leave this opportunity behind another day.

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I am excited you are here! This is an opportunity to learn more about what I offer, and how I can help you achieve more. Before we chat, I want to make sure we are a great match. Wherever you are in your life, I have a program/offering so you can ditch whatever is holding you back from claiming your truth.

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This is an opportunity for you to ask questions and make sure we are a good match. Please note this free chat is not to review your astrology chart. If you want a reading, please visit the shop.

Why Work with me?

I take the complication out of astrology and deliver you reliable and consistent interpretations to assist you in making healthy decisions, owning your voice, connecting with your talents, and discovering the timing for real-life situations.


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What are Astro Dice?

A divination method based on the astrology symbols for the signs, houses, and planets.

What to Ask?

You can ask a general or complex question. It is very similar to a tarot reading.

About Me

Hi, I'm Danielle Marie

I’m Danielle, an astrology geek, toddler mom, writer, avid stargazer, and eternal optimist. I believe in mindfulness, gratitude, and living a spiritually conscious life. I am here to help you achieve your heart’s desires, access your soul’s talents, and live an authentic life.

What would it feel like to be 100% aligned? To live life with no regrets? Do you feel unfulfilled and uncertain about the next step? Are you craving success and the time to enjoy it? Are you tired of feeling like someone else is controlling your life?

Do you want support harmonizing your life, and activating your heart’s desires? While there is no quick fix or lucky star, I am here to share my knowledge, personal enlightenment, and help you shift.